Eliot Spitzer to Tim Geithner: Prosecute Criminality, Crack down on Big banks' 'illegal tricks'

"Viewpoint" host Eliot Spitzer reacts to a report from the Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) predicting that TARP will wind up costing $60 billion rather than the "widely held misconception" that the program will result in profit. Spitzer warns that TARP is "creating the same dangerous incentives that caused the [financial] crisis in the first place." Spitzer then calls out Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner for his recent remarks in Portland, Ore.
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Everything is a Remix Part 4

Our system of law doesn't acknowledge the derivative nature of creativity. Instead, ideas are regarded as property, as unique and original lots with distinct boundaries. But ideas aren't so tidy. They're layered, theyre interwoven, they're tangled. And when the system conflicts with the reality... the system starts to fail.

Mark Fiore: Lefties

Obama's State of the Union address with a twist. Watch, as this Kenyan socialist channels the America-haters of the world!

A Mark Fiore animated political cartoon.

Amend 2012

Thanks to the Supreme Court and Citizens United, the same big corporations and billionaires that destroyed our economy and caused millions of us to lose our jobs and homes, are spending obscene amounts to drown out our voices in elections and take over our government.

But together, "We the People" can set things right.

Stand with Robert Reich and join the movement for a constitutional amendment today.

Know Your Meme: A SOPA and PIPA PSA

Internet scientists Forest and Kristina explain how the legislation of Protect IP Act & Stop Online Piracy Act can affect the community of Know Your Meme and what you can do to keep the Internet open and free.

Reddit's Erik Martin on SOPA and PIPA

Erik Martin, GM at Reddit.com, tells Cenk why his company will go dark on Wednesday to continue the protest against anti-piracy legislation that could severely curtail Internet freedom.

Stop SOPA Now, I Know How

Go to http://onecandleinthedark.blogspot.com and http://www.cbsyousuck.com for thousands of pages of evidence and links to the original source research on the Internet Wayback Machine.

Our Internet

Call your Senators today. Please visit http://stopthewall.us

The Internet is a thriving ecosystem that powers our economy and our society. PIPA and SOPA threaten the web.

SOPA Cabana

I want to send massive thanks to every single person who contributed to this video, you're all awesome.

A number of you didn't make the final cut, but I value your effort and enthusiasm as much as everyone else.

Let's keep the internet free. Stop SOPA.

The Day The LOLcats Died

SOPA and PIPA are two examples of recent legislation that is lethal to the internet as we know it. The internet rose up and is on its way to successfully fighting them off, but we need to stay vigilant.

The only way to prevent legislation like this from being passed in the future is to call your Congressmen and tell them. Make it clear that you don't support SOPA, you don't support PIPA, and that you won't support future legislation that damages the stability of the internet.

WTF is SOPA? Aka the American Government Trying to Ruin the Internet

Graphics taken from http://www.americancensorship.org - or should I say, pirated from them.

John "TotalBiscuit" Bain is a UK Law graduate and professional gaming commentator and journalist.


RAP NEWS X - #Occupy2012

Rap News examines the year 2012, corporate rule, Occupy, pepper spray, mic check, Anonymous, empire, U.S. pseudodemocracy, planet Niberu, and Noam Chomsky.