Wendy's Fast Food Grill Rap

"Now workin' the grill, Bill, it ain't so tough! But first of all, you gotta check your stuff!" A fast food training video from the 80's.

Gates gets Creamed

A man used to having his cake and eating it too, had his cake and wore it too.

On February 4th, 1998, Bill Gates has been hit with a cream pie in Brussels.

The offender, Belgian prankster Nol Godin, got away.

Primate Programmers

Dramatically reduce your IT development costs with this outsourcing option.

Perhaps when they expand a bit they'll be able to write Shakespeare too.

Cubism: Office Cubicle Farter

A cubicle worker with a habit of stinking out of the box gets his big promotion.

Jason Baskin used 3D CGI animation to create a wonderful short film about a gaseous guy trapped in the world of cubicles.

The Economists

Lovely economists.

Trace a shape on the graph with your pen, and watch their reactions.

Bad Day Revealed

After circulating quite some time in the Internet, Wall Street Journal published an article which led to a broadcast in the U.S.


After that, the video was identified as being a promotional video by Loronix Information Systems, Colorado, a manufacturer of video-based surveillance systems (CCTV).

Early viral advertising.



PayPal's fees are now up to 2.9% plus $.35 per transaction.

A money order costs $.50 to $1.

The bank charges most businesses $.05 to $.12 per check.

The average credit card merchant account is about 1.5%.

On a $100 item, PayPal's fee is over $3.

At one time, PayPal was the cheapest way to send money, but they are now one of the most expensive.


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